Mountaintop Bridal Session - Linville Gorge


Man, is the Blue Ridge Parkway not just the dreamiest spot for some adventurous bridal portraits?! We headed up to The Chimney’s in the Linville Gorge which does require a very long and winding drive up an empty dirt road. You drive for a long time through dense trees wondering if you’re in the right spot. You pass various trail heads with minimal signage and then finally once you’ve almost convinced yourself you’re in the wrong spot, it starts to open up and give glimpses of the mountains.

Before we left, we stopped in Flora Asheville and had a sweet local bouquet assembled. They have the most adorable shop and create amazing florals for brides and other events. When we finally made it to top, Sophie changed behind her car as I held up a blanket, and touched up her make up in the visor mirror. The trail is one of my favorites and immediately satisfying. We walked through a bit of woods and then the trail opened up to 360 views. The wind blew so hard but kept us cool in the summer sun.

Actually, one of my favorite things about shooting in the mountains, is the wind. It creates so much energy and movement that you have little control over. You can’t be too worried about your hair, and the best thing is to just embrace it because it will certainly make magic for you.

Summer was in full swing with lots of buzzing bees, lizards and the pleasant surprise of a few beautiful pink rhododendron in bloom. If you’re ever going to visit the Blue Ridge Mountains try to time it for the bloom of these beautiful flowers or during the fall foliage. Both will surely blow your mind.