Belize Adventure Session

It’s mid September and while it still feels like summer with 90 degree days, I’m preparing myself to say goodbye to these wonderful long summer days. I’m one of those people who does love all seasons so it’s always hard to leave summer behind while I am simultaneously excited about fall. This led me to reminisce about the adventure session I did for my very own sister and her boyfriend when we traveled to Belize last year. This was just a few months after I officially launched my business and website so I never got around to sharing it! So I figured before the leaves change and we pull out our sweaters, I’d share one more summer session that would make you dream about taking a trip to Central America ASAP.

We spent our time at the Ramon’s Village Resort in San Pedro and soaked it all in by reading on the beach, touring ruins, snorkeling and swimming. Our resort just also happened to be picture perfect so we were able to do the session just a few feet from our own room. And while yes, they have some adorable pictures of the two of them together, they now also have pictures that memorialize their trip which will outlast any souvenir they could have bought. As soon as you get back home and life resumes to all the normal things of work, grocery shopping, dishes etc. the details and memories of your trip quickly fade. The Instagram posts and stories quickly disappear and are forgotten about. But, tangible photographs have a powerful way of bringing back so many memories, how warm the water was when you jumped in, the giant manta ray you saw, what the air smelled like.

So next time you plan a trip, look into local photographers in the place your are visiting or even bring along your favorite photographer from your home town. You will never regret the time or money spent on documenting your experiences.