McMillan Greenhouse Adventure Session


I’m usually shooting outdoors among the mountains of the Blue Ridge Parkway, but this time I shot the outdoors…indoors. Photographing in the McMIllan Greenhouse was such a unique and creative time with these two. Ashley is a photographer herself so they were pretty comfortable right of the bat. Plus, it is so obvious that they are completely in love by the way they wrapped up into each others arms, stole kisses, and non stop giggled. They were completely content.

From a photography perspective, photographing in a greenhouse also allows a lot of flexibility since you still have plenty of natural light but don’t have to be dictated by the location of the sun. Since this was late in the morning and on a college campus the place was basically empty. We all felt like school kids sneaking around the library because we had the whole place to ourselves, it was the best!

I first met Ashley when I had just arrived in North Carolina. She was leading a group of photography volunteers at our church, Elevation, and I think meeting her at the crucial time when everything was changing in my life, really encouraged me to pursue photography. 3 years later and I got to photograph her. It was such a cool moment to see how much things have changed.

I always encourage couples to get creative when it comes to their session - a greenhouse, a horse back ride, strawberry picking, making breakfast in your home, kayaking. Take advantage of the time and come up with a fun date or try something new. You’ll get some really fun images and create a special memory. Some couples worry about a full hour taking pictures, and though the time usually flies by pretty fast, having an activity can help break things up and take the focus off of the camera and help you two relax.

If you need help thinking up something, just ask! I love to help couples figure out how to best celebrate their love, their way.