Fussell Farm Wedding - Boone, NC


Are you ready for a teary first look, some popped champagne bottles and an appearance from a loved pair of chacos? This wedding at Fussell Farms in Boone? has it all. But the best part, they were the KINDEST human beings ever.

When I arrived the bride, who is a teacher, had just finished out the school year THAT week. and had a folder of all the details and a gift waiting for me. She was so intentional and organized, even after the craziest few weeks of school. I have never been more impressed! Not to mention the moment I walked in I was offered food and mimosas. I know, I have the best job ever.

On the other hand, Jake was with the groomsmen who were offering him shots of whiskey right and left and throwing him right into their circle of friends. We both felt incredibly welcomed and included, we were just another friend celebrating right alongside them.

After Kaitlin was dressed, her mom gave her a ring that her dad had given her the day Kaitlin was born. Following that she was heading to have a first look with her dad. Being that the hustle and bustle of getting ready was done and she was for once alone, and quietly waiting for her dad I wanted to check in with her to make she was doing ok and not feeling to overwhelmed, her response, "I actually feel so content right now."

Sometimes first looks can feel a little unnatural when you have a camera near by but that made no difference to Kaitlin and her dad. The tears came quickly when she gave him a tie with a picture of the two of them from one of their annual ski trips together. It was so so evident how close their family was and you couldn't help feeling the beautiful emotional weight of the day with them - and we hadn't even made it to the ceremony yet!

Let's start by saying Kaitlin and Seth met in MIDDLE school! So needless to say this day was long awaited with much anticipation. The tears started to swell up the moment she walked down the aisle and they saw each other for the first time. After loving someone for so many years, finally meeting at the altar was pure bliss. They were married by their dear friend with the blue ridge mountains on one side and their closest friends and family on the other. And when they read their handwritten vows we were all sniffling and laughing along with them.

During portrait time a few bottles of champagne were popped and when the heat was strong Kaitlin put on her beloved chacos that had seen a lot of the blue ridge parkway with Seth, and dipped their feet in the cool creek. The friends and family played lawn games as they sipped cold beers, because what better way is there to spend a summer evening? One of my favorite moments from the day was when shortly after the ceremony, Kaitlin and Seth headed over to us for portraits and Seth cheered, "I've got a wife!" This day was pure joy all around.

Making it to the reception, the speeches and first dances had everyone in tears again - I don't think a single person left that day without having shed a few. Everyone there cared so deeply about these two lives coming together and it was truly an honor to be a part of it. Jake and I kept trying to verbalize why this wedding felt so special even for us, but we couldn't put our finger on it. I think it's just the kind of feeling you get when you are surrounded by love, it does't even matter if you know them or not.