Cozy Airstream Session - Asheville, NC


Usually I’m spending my weekends photographing weddings in the Asheville mountains, but this time we got to switch things up a bit for this super fun adventure session at Asheville Glamping. They have the most unique accommodations for traveling guests like vintage trailers, hike-in tents, and a giant dome with a slide in it! They just built an epic treehouse, and it’s all nestled into the Asheville mountains, so needless to say, I’ve been wanting to visit for some time! It is so nice because most of the sites are spaced out so you feel like you are surrounded by nature, and handful of the accommodations have all the luxuries like a bathroom, running water, electricity etc. Next time I can’t wait to stay a few nights in one of these dreamy spots.

I actually forged a friendship with Sam through Instagram, seriously! We chatted on DM’s because we had so much in common, then finally met up for coffee and realized, um yes we should totally be friends! Being able to meet her other half and their MOST ADORABLE golden doodle was such a fun time. They are so silly together and are as obsessed with their fur baby as we are. Sam admitted to being a little nervous, but honestly who isn’t when having their photos taken? Most people haven’t had professional photos before and couples always get worried that they won’t know what to do for a whole hour of photographing. But that part is actually my job and one of my favorite parts about in-home sessions (or in this case airstream-home sessions), we get to do a lot of the things you normally do at home! Play with your pup, snuggle on the bed, make coffee, and get playful. So we all successfully crammed into the cutest airstream and made some fun memories.

Also yes, I think all sessions should include pups. And I know some people are hesitant about in-home sessions because they don’t think their home is “cute enough” (whatever that means) or it’s too messy, etc. but there are other options. You could always consider something like this or a cute Airbnb. Don’t be afraid to get creative!